A person’s a person, no matter how small.



Nursery One and Nursery Two

Next Generation’s Nursery education and care rooms has 16 infants each day. Nursery One has children aged from 6weeks to 12months and Nursery Two has children aged from 12 months to 2years.

We have four educators each day in each of our Nursery rooms, the group leader has a diploma in early childhood education and care and the three assistants will have either a certificate III or diploma of early childhood education and care. We provide consistent educators in the nursery throughout the week and use the same pool of relief educators when our full-time educators are on annual leave or sick leave.


Educational Programs

Educators at Next Generation take a holistic approach to observing and planning for young children. We use influences from sociocultural theorist Lev Vygotsky. Vygotsky believes that children learn by engaging with adults and more capable peers. We achieve this by interacting with children on an individual basis as well as small group and large group experiences.

Each child in both the Nursery rooms are observed on a regular basis and an individual experience is planned for them. Their observations and planned experiences are kept in their individual learning journal which is available to be viewed at any time in the education and care room.


Your child’s routine

When your infant attends either Nursery One or Nursery Two at Next Generation, their educators will follow the routine you have created for your child. We have an individual routine record for families to complete upon enrolment, this will be updated each time your child moves education and care rooms. This record is kept in your child’s education and care room for educators to reference when needed.

We understand that each day is different when caring for an infant so we also have a daily routine record which is completed each morning by families in regards to the upcoming day for their infant. Our educators also complete the daily routine record so you are aware of your child’s food/milk intake, sleeps and nappy changes for the day.